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Section 8 Rental Assistance Program :: A 3-Way Partnership

TMHA’s Job Family's Job Owner's Job

Serve all tenants and owners in an equitable and professional manner

Qualify families for assistance

Explain program rules to families and owners

Issue a housing voucher

Assist Voucher Holders in locating a suitable unit

Qualify the rent/utility amounts for program inclusion

Inspect and approve unit for Housing Quality Standards

Oversee execution of leases and HAP Contract

Ensure that family & unit continue to qualify for the program (recertification)

Interpret and enforce applicable HUD program regulations

Comply with the terms of the HAP Contract with the owner

Promptly remit the HAP payment to the owner each month the unit is eligible

Attend required appointments with TMHA

Provide complete & accurate information required for the housing file

Make a diligent effort to locate a suitable unit that will qualify for the program

Provide funds for a security deposit that may be requested from the owner

Take responsibility for the care and everyday maintenance of the unit

Comply with the lease and HUD lease addendum with the owner

Promptly pay tenant share of the rent to the owner, as well as utilities not included in the rent

Comply with HUD's Family Obligations for the program

Comply with ORC 5321, Tenant-Landlord Law

Allow TMHA & owner reasonable access to the unit

Screen Voucher Holders for suitability as renters in the same way as unassisted renters

Comply with fair housing laws

Comply with provisions of the lease and HUD lease addendum with the tenant

Maintain the unit so that it will meet HUD»s Housing Quality Standards

Comply with ORC 5321, Tenant-Landlord Law

Collect rent due by the tenant and issue a receipt for such payment

Enforce the lease in the same way as with an unassisted tenant

Inform TMHA of any eviction action against a tenant -Promptly respond to tenant»s requests for normal wear & tear maintenance of unit

Provide tenant reasonable notice of entering the unit

Comply with the terms of the HAP Contract with TMHA